Income from Pivot Apps Daily $ 2 to $ 5 Bitcoin Earining

So let's Pivot Apps see how it works? Daily $ 2 to $ 5 Bitcoin Earining
 Pivot Apps

You will be signed up for one of your Gmail accounts. You will get some pivot apps coins from Deli from here.
That means you can convert some of that power into Bitcoin Earning by converting the power you get. You can post like Facebook, if anyone reads your post or as long as you read, you will get 20 to your account. Click here… ..

You can earn 5 power-free earnings every day and unlimited income will be the same when someone else puts on your post. And you get everyone a referral. Getting 5 means a pivot apps coin bitcoin earning.

You will get 25 news by clicking here Get Read power after any news. Exchanges it to 125 + some points (Power) and converts it to Pivot apps bitcoin coins, which is about $ 3-5.
Go to this link first

See how to account.
Sign U Here….

Here is a very easy account. You will see Google's logo after clicking on the link above. Clicking there will result in your account.

How to bitcoin earn from this app: - If you login to it daily, you will get 500 Powar, and if you read the news you will get 200 Powar. Joining your referral will give you 1000 Powar. 100000 Powar = 1 $ You can receive this payment if you have 200000 Powar.

How do you increase Pivot Apps power?

After you login, you will be asked to download their app. You will download the pivot app, open the pivot app, then click on Login, then login to the unit on a regular basis.

  •   You have to post new ones.

  •   You have to read other's posts or news.

  • Refer more often.

  •   And post too many more posts will be more income because people will read the news because the power is available even if the post is available.

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