20 Easy Way Make Money Online Content Writing Most Popular Earning

 Easy Way Make Money Online Content Writing Most Popular Earning

 Easy Way Make Money Online Content Writing Most Popular Earning

 Make Money Online Content Writing Most Popular Earning

Article Writing or Content Writing is a medium through which there is a huge potential for creating a career online.
Those who have immense proficiency in English can easily establish themselves as a writer. Articles are written for various purposes on different internet sites . In addition to blog articles, product reviews, service sales pages, resource books for business organizations, brochures, leaflets, or other publications, writers got to write articles.


Although article writing has a variety of work opportunities, this article discusses four types of work. The first two types of work are low-paid. The remaining two are more than the fees. Naturally, if your linguistics is low, you will not get the next two jobs if you are poor.

The low-wage jobs are:
০১. Rewriting and
12. Snippet or Short Article Writing.

In one word, Rewriting is to write the article in your own language, keeping the basic information of a 3-5 word in writing so that the next one is not duplicated.
And Snippet or Short Article Writing is a 3-5 word text about a topic. In this case, the client may ask for one, 8, 9, 20 or 3 articles on a single topic.

The two highest paid jobs are:
০১. Article Writing or Content Writing and
12. Proofreading and editing.

In one word, article writing or content writing is the creation of 3-5 words in a topic, which can never be taken from anywhere. If it is caught, the career will end. And reading Proof may be a correction of any spelling, grammar, style, etc. Editing with this is often to form writing more interesting and refined.

How to prepare: More status

APA Style, MLA, Chicago style proofreading is vital to understand . The APA is the American Psychological Association and the MLA is the Modern Languages Association. Besides, reading and editing Oxford style Proof for British English will also do a good job.
There will be a lot of help online from these proofreading issues. I hope you will find the book in the blue. But the rules have to be very well executed. These are tests in Odesk. If the first 5 percent or 20 percent in the tests, such a task is easy to achieve.
You should also provide a weak sample as a sample and proofread and edit it. You can show the employer if needed. Also publish a couple of articles in Ezine Articles.com to point out as a sample.
Success will come in your hand if you start bidding for the job after taking the right preparation and do not follow through the deadline. Then employers will not want to leave you.
Translation: English-Bengali or Bengali-English translation work is less on the freelancing site. Rather, the professional sites like TranslatorsBase.com, Projekt.com are on site and these sites need to be purchased membership first. So that's the problem. Personally curious about translation work, but working for this problem becomes a drag .
Transcription: This can provide a great income if you can be efficient. All you have to do is: Listen to an audio file in ear or watch a video and type in spoken English precisely.

That means you need two basic skills: 1. Understanding English and 12. Quick typing skills.
How is it rated? Typically $ 5 to $ 1 for an hour of audio or video. If you are only fit for the job, then there are many opportunities.
Summarization: The task of summarization is to transform an article or blog post into 3-5 words. One may even invite a brief version of a book.
Resume Writing: If you can create a resume or CV that is appropriate for the American corporate world or the Internet, such work will also be available.
Press Release Writing: Content Writing press releases for various products or websites are going to be available almost daily. That's why you need to know the correct format and style of writing a press release. That might be why PRWebD.com can help. You have to prove that you can create PR in the right style.
Press release payments are more than content writing. For one it is $ 4-5. There is often work.
PowerPoint Presentation: It's actually a combination of English and PowerPoint skills. You need to make a presentation about a book's chapter or meeting material or tutorial. Payment is good. Occasionally there is work.

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