2020 best bitcoin earning site | Sdtrick


 2020 best bitcoin earning site | Sdtrick

have you been looking online to find an

easy way to earn a free Bitcoin if you

have well look no further because in

this video I'll be showing you away you

can earn free Bitcoin instantly using

five different apps stay tuned for this

video guys I'm really excited to show

you these apps they can make a lot of

Bitcoin using these so don't skip ahead

watch this entire thing alone as much as

you can about these five apps that I

have to show you and don't forget to

check the description because I'll have

links for all of these down below for

you okay so the I'm making this video

because I've been getting a few comments

just like this one from victim he said

please website that pays Bitcoin so

that's what I'm showing you

in today's video this video is is for

you and anyone else who is looking to

make some Bitcoin online if you want

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guys drop a comment down below and you

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one of my next videos so this is what

you're gonna learn in this video guys

are gonna show you where to find all

five apps how to sign up them they're

all completely free to sign up for how

it's done I'm gonna give you a

step-by-step tutorial on each of these

apps to teach you how you can earn the

Bitcoin on them I'm gonna show you how

much Bitcoin you can earn on each app

and then at the end of the video and

I'll show you how to make the most money

possible online or you can check that

out now that's gonna be the first link

right at the top of the description okay

you can learn more about that there if

you want to make big big money online

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without further ado let's just jump into

today's video I want to show you these

five apps to earn free bitcoins so let's

go alright then guys so first things

first you're going to need a crypto

wallet okay you're gonna need something

like this this website right here is

coinbase this is where you can store you

can buy you can

sell all your different crypto

currencies okay you're going to need

this so if you don't have one already go

to the description right now and I will

have a link for this down there in the

description okay so click that and sign

up for an account on here it is free to

do takes no time at all ok one of the

apps I'm going to show you in this video

you actually need a coin base wallet ok

you they won't accept any other coin

base wallet ok so don't go to the

scription and sign up for this right now

before we get into this video ok so let

me quickly show you the first app that

what I want to show those it's kind of

an app it's kind of a website ok so this

one is crypto tab browser so this

browser right here is absolutely great I

love it I'm using it right now it looks

exactly the same as Google Chrome

everything about it is the same as

Google Chrome the only difference is

you're actually going to earn some

Bitcoin just for using this browser ok

that's all you have to do use the

browser as you would any other one if

you usually use Google Chrome just use

this instead if you use Internet

Explorer or Firefox something use crypto

type browser instead and you will

actually earn Bitcoin just for using it

ok you did and you can even just have

the window open and it'll still earn you

some free Bitcoin I love this browser

I've been using it for quite a while now

and I've generated a few hundred dollars

worth of Bitcoin already just since I've

been using it again it's a really really

great browser and it's completely safe

guys don't worry about that is

completely safe you can you can come to

the website I'll have a link for this

down below as well we can install this

you can check out the website if you

want to it is completely safe it's 100%

legit don't worry about that and you can

even you can even synchronize your

Google Chrome or whatever with with this

browser so it just you know

converts all your saved passwords and

saved everything from Google Chrome it

imports it all into crypto type browser

so it's basically like it's like you

never even switched it makes it seamless

guys it makes it like you won't even

notice you using this browser doesn't

slow it down and it's like that

but it's just absolutely great ok so one

of the fastest browsers I've used

definitely faster than in the next

every faster than firefox and is

probably on par with google chrome again

it is really really fast and the benefit

is you're gonna earn some Bitcoin it's

just for using it okay so highly

recommend checking this out guys this is

probably the easiest way you're gonna

see in this whole video this is

definitely the easiest way to earn some

free Bitcoin because you have to do

nothing at all just install the app and

it's gonna do everything for you okay

you don't have to touch it

basically after that it's gonna do

everything for you in the background and

earn you some free Bitcoin through that

so check it out link down below it's

crypto tab browser hold up guys take a

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well okay let's get back into the video

next up here guys one of my personal

favorite apps and this is a website as

well but they do have more available on

the app okay so this one is called

feature points you can see it right here

this is what it's called but again I

will have a link for this in the

description down below for you okay so

this website again you can earn some

free Bitcoin just for completing very

very simple tasks okay so the first one

I showed you crypto tab browser you

don't have to put any time or effort

into that right as passive bitcoin it

does it all for you this one you're

gonna have to do some things yourself

alright but they do have some pretty fun

things to do on here like some other

surveys and stuff a pretty fun you can

watch videos you can even download and

play apps and then you're gonna earn

some points for doing that but you look

right here I've got 19,000 708 points

and I can withdraw that for some Bitcoin

right now if I wanted to so ten dollars

worth of Bitcoin is 6,000 points so I've

got about thirty dollars in Bitcoin

sitting right here in my account okay

and I've withdrawn from here quite a few

times or

ready so guys check this one out it's

called feature points like I said a link

will be down below just to make it easy

for your fine it's complete very very

simple tasks like watching videos

downloading apps completing surveys to

earn some free Bitcoin next up here we

have storm play so this one very very

similar to the last app that I just

showed you feature points this one very

very similar you're gonna be doing the

same things to Kay completing very very

simple test they have surveys on you

they have videos they have apps and to

download and play all the same sort of

stuff as the last one I showed you but

guys I recommend you sign up for all of

the apps I show you because sometimes

you're gonna run out like one day you

could complete all the surveys and stuff

on feature points and then you're done

for the day there's nothing left for you

to do and you can come up with a storm

play and complete all of the ones on

there and you can move on to the next

app and so forth ok so sign up to all of

these two in the most bitcoin possible

alright so they even give you free stuff

now and again guys okay you can claim

free blocks every 30 minutes or so

completely free you just tap a button

I said literally tap a button claim

you're gonna earn some free stuff right

there and then and guys that's what you

gotta do pretty much okay play games

watch videos complete surveys always

that sort of stuff and you'll earn some

some some points okay you can then

withdraw those points for Bitcoin and

other stuff as well okay I think it's

aetherium as well Bitcoin and aetherium

so for this one guys you're gonna need a

referral code if you use that referral

code you're gonna get like 6000 of the

points that they use on this website

again there's gonna give you a free

6,000 points if you use my code in the

description down below okay so go to

description right now and I will have a

link for this app and right next to that

there will be a code for you to enter

when you sign up and create your account

okay you can get 6,000 free points just

for doing that so check this up out guys

it's called storm play or the guys next

app I want to show you is this one right

here it's called be fast be free so this

one was showing you to you on the Google

Play Store because that's all I can find

it on to be honest I can't find the

website or anything like that but check

out the review so this one guys 11,000

reviews with a 4.4 star rating

got very very good reviews so I think

all you have to do on this is like I

said earlier you need a coin base

account for this it says it right here

you only need a coin based account and

that's it you can now earn bitcoins

automatically in seconds so guys just

download this app and then every time

I'm gonna have a code fusillade you

actually need a code to sign up for this

app as well so go to description and

sign up and then put in your email the

same email you used for your coin base

account okay it has to be the same

because that's how they're going to pay

you and then input your code okay look

your referral code which will be in the

description down below once you've done

that guys you can start referring your

friends to this app and earn 5% of

whatever they earn on this app okay so

the really cool one you can earn a lot

of Bitcoin I've got I've seen a lot of

good reviews that you can see nearly

over 11,000 reviews the 4 point 4 star

rating very very highly rated because

people are earning quite a lot of

Bitcoin on this one okay so check it out

it's called be fast be free and last but

not least guys I want to show you this

search engine right here okay this isn't

really an app on your phone this is a

search engine just like Google ok so

what you're gonna do on this one is use

it just like you do Google ok they've

got a website at the presearch i/o this

is where you can read all about they

have a video telling about it and giving

you basically all the information you

need about the presearch coin itself ok

so you can check this out if you want to

I'll put a link for this in the

description down below but this is the

main website you're gonna be using this

is pre search dot-org this is we're

going to be doing your searches ok and

let's actually just like Google ok you

can search on anything you want pretty

much guys if you want to search google

check Google right here if you want to

search DuckDuckGo whatever that is I've

never even hear of that search on there

at the scan coin market cap Twitter

Facebook research ok so you can search

on any of these things you can even

search on Facebook if you want to look

for something or someone on Facebook

click that and then search it you want

to search for a particular person on

Twitter or tweet or something so click

on this one but let me show you an

example of Google ok so just search for

let's go for YouTube ok it's gonna show

you a little ad

first of all it takes two seconds and

then boom that's two seconds longer than

Google would usually take and the great

thing about it guys is that you're gonna

earn some of their pre token for doing

this okay if you use their use their pre

search engine to do your search you will

earn a pre token every time you do it

okay and with these tokens you can then

sell them and get it get Bitcoin in

exchange okay so really really cool way

to make some extra Bitcoin for free if

you use it in conjunction with crypto

tab browser okay if you're using crypto

tab browser and then you come out to pre

search dot org and do a search on here

you pretty much like killing two birds

with one stone okay you're getting a

Bitcoin from two of these different

things from crypto tab browser just for

using it and then for pre searched for

doing your searches on here okay so two

really really cool ways to earn some

extra free Bitcoin or I think I saw I've

given you all the information and all

the tools and apps that you can use to

earn this free Bitcoin out is down to

you to take action okay don't just sit

there and do nothing go to the

description right now click those links

enter those referral codes to get some

free Bitcoin okay straight away because

you're using my referral codes they're

gonna give you some Bitcoin for free for

doing that and then actually use these

apps okay don't just sit there and do


use the apps you can earn some free

Bitcoin using them okay and most of

these work worldwide okay some of them

might not but I'm pretty sure most of

them do okay at least three or four

probably all of them to be honest guys

so check them all out links in the

description down below go there right

now and click those but you're not gonna

get rich from doing this again guys

unless Bitcoin absolutely goes to the

moon then you are not gonna get rich

from doing this just a nice little way

to earn some extra Bitcoin and hope that

it goes up in the future so but if you

want to learn a real way how to make

some actual big money online check out

the first link right at the top of the

description it says my number one

recommendation click that to learn how I

make a full time income online myself

okay the same methods and strategies

that I use myself I've tried hundreds

and hundreds of ways to make money

my personal favorite so if you want to

learn more about that go to website