What is micro blogging? Earn thousands of money through blogs (2019)

link What is micro blogging? Earn thousands of money through blogs

What is microblogging? Earn thousands of money through blogs

What is microblogging? Earn thousands of money through blogs

If you think you will earn 100 pounds in the first month at the beginning of blogging.

How to do this via micro-blogging is a part of microblogging blogging that does not share a user-specific content and micro-post for its convenience.

It helps to find out more about what the visitor is searching for.

How to become a successful blogger Microblogging is micro-blogging microblogging?

This is a blogging topic. Talk about the specific topic or type of sub-section you have. Its importance or advantage and the disadvantage of that product or item

How to Start Micro Blogging Mic

Long term •

Short-term long term:

For long-term micro-blogging, you have preferred keywords like Flipkart / Amazon Customer Service, Mens Samsung Smartwatch etc. Want a word forever? A huge commerce site like Flipkart and Amazon, which will also be in the future. Samsung smartwatch etc. There is the greatest demand for women for shoes and casual men, so it's a great idea to start micro-blogging. l can give an opinion and review its features.

 Earn thousands of money through blogs


For short-term micro-blogging, you have to choose a keyword like Reliance George who will conduct India's election in 2019 or what Trend or people are searching for. In this limited time,

For easy explaining, takas0-12-2019, at the same time earning bidders will get 500 taka, if you get this date, someone will not be able to get your post forward.

But posting a thing or a piece of things, there are chances of reading posts even after hundreds of years.

Do not be liable only with links

Blogging is a time-consuming affair. So many times, many people want to be discharged by adding another online post link to their post. Never do this mistake. The reader does not want to read anything funny with your link. may be that the reader may prefer the blog you are sending to him from your blog. As a result, you will lose the reader. More than keeping the reader on your blog, you can give your feedback on the link and provide the link for details. Retain that the first signs of losing a link reader without any comments.

What is microblogging?

Never try to violate copyright by stolen articles from an online blog or website. You can also lose the reader as you can read the legal difficulties. But if you find any information on a website that you want to discuss on your blog then add a link to that blog or website, then there will be no problem, but avoiding copy paste is very good.

[h2] Sort the writing [/ h2a]

Your blog post's perspective is as important as your topic of discussion. Your blog post is sorted by a few small pants. If possible in each paragraph, avoid using additional sentences of two or three. Most readers do not want to read blogs organized in many sentences. Enough readers are attracted to the reader's attention in the blog, and the reader is eager to read the full blog post. But always try posting a few words which the reader can easily read.

Many people are thinking about the domain and hosting, besides domains and hosting, you can work with blogspot absolutely free

The difference is that WordPress is a little easier and nothing else

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