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*নিচের এই*👇👇👇
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How to Start a Blog - Beginner's Guide to Advance


Best Blogspot SEO tips:

We already have enough knowledge about Blogspot or WordPress and because of this, the blog spot does not like much because it limits the optimization of search engines. There are many Blogspot SEO guides you will find on the Internet and many of them are related to template editing and all related, but WordPress plugins make it easy to optimize your blog.
However, I did not come here to frustrate my Blogspot friends. Instead, I will share some great Blogspot SEO tips that will help you get a better rank. Blogspot is a free blogging platform, it's always a blogging platform and a great platform to learn to blog.
If you do not know about Blogger, then get Jane from Youtube
Google Blogger Free and Useful Web Publishing Tool Most bloggers primarily use Blogger and then migrate and WordPress to get government or free templates, SEO, plugins etc.,
We've got some search engine optimization (SEO) tips for Blogspot blogs.

BlogSpot SEO: Useful Tips and Tricks
When we talk about SEO, you have to remember it
• First of all: We can stop site and site SEO.
★ Always unique post and ★ keyword research
If you have posted this post, then anyone posting it will never rank Google in this post on your site
★ is a title that every word in which the SEO does not write a title, write something that is public search and
Post title will give less than 50 characters
★ Blogger Post URL Link Format
Select Permalink without leaving automatic/random URL, and write a few words as per post and yes, A, B, C, D do not use anything like this.

Blog SEO
Maintain the keyword density

Keyword density is an important aspect of a good ranking. Write words in parallel to a low degree and your keywords will be on the staffing optimization. I generally maintain a ratio of 2% / post. Although and refrain from uploading copies of the images and download and upload images from Wikipedia, where the image is copyright free
★ Get your title title in the image, it will be your image SEO
And yes, try to add a custom domain, it plays a lot role for the rank
Hope this guide will give you a lot of great ideas about Blogspot SEO, even though you are ready with blogging and have enough experience in Blogspot, you will get great traffic
The way to download copyright free images.


Blogger site image SEO 👎
First, upload the image in your post and about the subject of the image Search Google
Then click on the image then.
Copy the content that you are posting on the post or photo search and the reality keywords you see below.
Paste the image title and the open text.
Blogspot SEO


Hopefully, this post will benefit from posting in this rule
There are many posts with programming that will benefit from those who want to learn web designs on my site
Press here
I try to post something like this so that you benefit
I have already posted on programming in my blog
Thanks for reading the post.
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1 Best Bayna Responsive Blog Style Blogger Template! 2019

1 Best Bayna Responsive Blog Style Blogger Template! 2019

Bayna Responsive Blog Style Blogger Template!

 Looking for a blog style blogger template? Here are the buyer blogger templates for you. This is a powerful and professional blog style blogger template. This is suitable for any blog style blog, review blog, technology blog and blog of a community. Bayna is a professional blogger template. It's 100% optimized for your search engine and has created responsive blogger templates.

Bayna Blogger Template

You always know the feedback of MS Design and high-quality premium and free blogger template release. At this moment we are sharing another premium and free blogger template for you. Optimize for this highly professional blog. This blog style blogger template is suitable for any type of digital blog or technology blog. Bayna Blog Template is designed with some unique features. You can easily change the template color and font from Blogger Designer.

1 Best Bayna Responsive Blog Style Blogger Template! 2019 buy $15.95& with the free version

Regular License $ 15.95

Remove footprint credits

One-time payment for unlimited domains

 Lifetime Premium Support

 No encrypted script

Lifetime templates updates and much more...

1 Best Bayna Responsive Blog Style Blogger Template! 2019

Free version service

* Fully Responsive Design (Check)

ript>* Mobile Friendly (Check)

* SEO Optimized (Check)

* Testing Tool Validator

* Easy Admin Panel

* Drop down menu

* Social Icons

* Unlimited Colors

* Unlimited FontsAds

* ReadyBreadcrumbs

* Related Posts

* Author Box

* Social Share Buttons

* Google Comment

* Search Box

* Custom 404 Error page

* Much more

1 Best Bayna Responsive Blog Style Blogger Template! 2019

টেমপেল্ট নিতে  comment

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How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

> The first thing you need to do is create an account in Google Analytics. To do this, first you need to have a Google account or account with your Gmail account at the following link

Official website

Open a new tab that asks you to register with Google Analytics. Press the Registration button.
How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

Then you will open another screen where you must fill in all the information on your blog:

How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

Once the form is complete, click the button below to get your tracking code.

Another window will be open with a list of conditions that you have to accept to continue. Choose your country, read quietly and click ACCEPT
How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

Eventually it will take you to a final screen where your code and tracking ID will be accessible.

Blogger Plot

How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

How to install your code in a blog of the form?

How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog
To install the Google Analytics code in a blog hosted on Blogger, you have to go to your main dashboard and once you go to Settings> Other.
How to easily install the GOOGLE Analytics code on your blog

To open a screen, find a section of Google Analytics in the field below to add your tracking ID (ex: UA-38383838-2). Finally do not forget to save the configuration.

You only have to wait up to 24 hours until the code is activated, and you can start your traffic analysis in the tool.

When your blog was created before 2006, to add your code, you must first transfer it to a modern template.

How to install your code in a blog on WordPress.com platform?

If your blog is hosted on the WordPress.com platform, then you can simply add your Google Analytics tracking code if you consolidate the business plan. Otherwise, you can only use the web analytics panel which is the blog by default (not recommended: -S).

If you have contracted your business plan, in the main-end menu, click the settings shown in the image below and then click on Analytics

A screen that will have the Google Analytics Analytics tracking identification completed by your own ID is open (ex: UA-38383838-2)

Finally save the configuration and click on it. You only have to wait up to 24 hours to use your web analytics tool.

How to install your code in a blog on the WordPress.org platform?

If your blog is related to WordPress org, you can add your tracking code in different ways through the following plugins.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: This plugin is the easiest one you'll find. Once you have installed it, just go to Settings> Google Analytics section and then add your tracking ID to the window that will open.

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