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      my love words listen to you

            "what is love"

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Still, love
Mind 1

You do not know to houts do, you never come back,
I would not have been in a lot of trouble
I will not be hidden in your laughter.
Taking care of me secretly,
But I know, I love you
I'll go, because if you do not have your love
I will be with each moment, time of emotions

Mind 2

Finding someone in life
Not a big deal. Whom you
He got the end of his life
It's great to get close to ...

Mind 3

How the whole day is cut off ...
Despite the hardships, you keep yourself scared
Myself! But know ... ??
At the end of the day, the eyes of the pillow put the head
Stop it, I do not know
Where do you come from those moments
How come! I do not really understand
One more moment, and I can not do without you
I feel like a runaway to stay away
to you …

Mind 4

The water of the whistle, the pain of the mind is afraid
You give me today
Nebo yourself "'that all those things
I was as long as I am
You will see "I'lit ends's Whereasere as well as i
The boundary is seen in the "'

Mind 5

Maybe I thought you were mine, so
I loved you That's the biggest in my life
It was wrong. But, if you are not good, I love you, I love
I could not feel the trouble tie. Yet your life is cursed
Do not do it, because I love you today and you, all my happiness
Took you, but, you can not take hidden love in my mind.
That's my chance of survival.

Mind 6

I might see black,,
Still you got better.
You may be very rich,
Which I can not be a day
Even ifa  I am good bus,
From the reservoir you
Dibo happiness light

Mind 7

Time goes on,
How many smiles
Life goesThe sadnessadness in pain ...
Dreams come secretly,

Imagine ...
Sit down silently
Just waiting for you!

Mind 8

When someone cries,
That is: Emotions
When someone shudders,
That is fraud.
And when someone shout someone else himself
That is love: love.

Mind 9

You do not have to say
The moon does not laugh at night.
You do not have to say
Flowers are not frozen.
You do not have to say
The dawn does not call the birds.
You do not have to say
Do not like something alone
Mind 10

False love
Like clay dolls,
A few injuries were broken.
But authentic love
It's like water, which is
Hundreds of injuries
After that the match again.
Mind 11

I am yours
Life is the only one alone
Going to love
I am your ever
Love, from,
I do not want to .......because of me

Afraid if you are
Think of me selfish

Mind 12

Maybe love expression like that
Can not do
But I can say so take
Someone like me
You can not love so much,
Will not miss so much

Mind 13

It is in a relationship
Sweet war, there is faith, there is a dream, there is tears, huffiness,
There are sweet smiles, there are care, bloodshed, tiny quarrels,
There is a lot of patience, there is communication, there are many things to do
Feeling, jealousy, and what is most needed is love - that is love.

Mind 14

If you love Kawk Rama from life,
So do not let him go! Because
Tears can erase the heart, but the heart
Can not wipe the tears in any way.

Mind 15

Occasionally the man of the mind has a lot to do
Would like to get close I want to open my heart and tell him
Every feeling is hidden in the greed of love, love

Sweet honey delights in words that tell her to say
I have kept a lot of care inside the chest. The feelings that are
I've just written it with my dream

Mind 16

I know someone does not like me like me
So keep yourself hidden
Do not want to be the cause of someone's trouble .. love to get off
Not to suffer

Mind 17

Do not worry about whom you can not find,
He will go only, sad, trouble and pain
Because love is superstitious and not good, it is better to live
Because no one knows the absolute definition of love ......

Mind 18

  There are some questions in life

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