Unlimited Bitcoin Income Only by Account Detailed post.

Unlimited Bitcoin Income Only by Account Detailed post.

Unlimited Bitcoin Income Only by Account Detailed post.

Today I will share with you a website where you can earn Unlimited Bitcoin. Many people say then it seems like a lot of work. But you don't have to do much, you only have to have one account. Without an account, you will be sitting. The diameter is yours.

You will earn Unlimited Bitcoin from just one account sitting at home. Really you get a free bonus every day.

Let me tell you a little about the website.

There will be free Bitcoin every minute. You don't have to do any work.

There is a ref bonus. If you refer your friend and you get 10% of the amount your friend earns,

If you have trouble making a referral, you can earn it without referring.

There is no fear of payment. You will definitely get paid.

You don't even have to work. No work to be done.

Within 10 days Bitcoin will be completed on your account. And you get the payment immediately.

খন Now the bonus can be reduced even more later.

Earn it quickly and make an account. But keep in mind that this website is brand new. So take a quick account and grab the offer.

✓√👉👉Only tell me it seems that after a long time you have to take payment. But not

So I was very surprised to come to work.

First you have to account from this link. Follow this screenshot to know what to do after clicking the link.

After clicking the link, a page will open in front of you.

Then you will see there is an option of Bitcoin wallet address to open an account. You have to enter your Bitcoin address there.
Usually we will copy the bitcoin address from Coinbase and give it here. Besides we have other websites and if we have any Bitcoin account open from there we can copy the Bitcoin address from here.
After entering the Bitcoin address, you will click on start mining. Your account is completely open ended in diameter.

Now you will see 10 days. A lot of Bitcoin has already been made to your account.

So hopefully like this till today. In the next post, I will show you how to withdraw and make more money by referring to Unlimited. Today, I could not show everyone for lack of. Will certainly get to the next post.

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What is Alexa Rank?

What is Alexa Rank? alexa rank is very important of your website

What is Alexa Rank? alexa rank is very important of your website

Alexa Rank is essentially a company name. Who keeps track of visitors to all the websites of the world. You must be wondering, what is the visitor again? When a person visits a website, he or she is the visitor or traffic of that site. As you are now on the tunerpage, you are now a visitor or traffic on Tunerpage.

And Alexa's job is to collect information about all the websites around the world, regardless of how many visits or traffic comes to a site. Alexa ranks its ranking based on the number of site visitors. Alexa site which gives him the highest rank of traffic, followed by the traffic which gives him the highest rank, thus 1, 5, 6 etc. In this way Alexa ranks up to 20 million.

Alexa Rank Requirements:

Alexa Rank is a measure of the amount of traffic to a website. As we can see through Alexa Rank Google's traffic is higher or Facebook's traffic is higher. This makes it possible to compare the two websites between whose traffic is high and whose traffic is low.

What is Alexa Rank? alexa rank is very important of your website
Suppose you have a company. You also have a website for that company. You sell different products of your company through your site. Now the point is that many other companies can produce the kind of product you produce in your company. Suppose they also sell their products through their site. Now how do you understand the popularity of your company or the popularity of their company?

Yes, you can understand this through the Alexa rank of your site. If your site Alexa rank is lower than your site, then you should understand that their site visitors are higher than your site. And since their site visits are high, so is their popularity.

From the above discussion, we have come to understand what Alexa is and what its requirements are. To find out how much Alexa rank in a site, you should visit Alexa's official site at http://www.alexa.com/. 

bitcoin earning

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Download Bitcoin Miner - Earn Satoshi & Free BTC Mining Android phone

Download Bitcoin Miner - Earn Satoshi & Free BTC Mining Android: Phone

Looking for BTC Mine Android? Want to start the world's best cryptocurrency mine - Bitcoin? What if I tell you that you can start bitcoin mining without using your Android phone, and right on our powerful server? Just check out this bitcoin mining and get easy profits every day. This Bitcoin Miner app does not work on your phone and does not discharge its battery. You don't need a brand new powerful device with this BTC Miner app, you can make a profit with absolutely any smartphone. Start getting your own bitcoin earnings with BTC Mining on your powerful servers without the drawbacks of your Android smartphone.

Do you need to start mining Bitcoin?

This new BTC mining robot from the Google Play Store

Click Start inside Bitcoin Mining and it claims some free Bitcoin for you.

Withdraw your mining cryptocurrency to your Bitcoin wallet and send it in exchange for becoming a Bitcoin investor.

Just start pushing on the satoshi button to get free Bitcoins! A large number of mines are still designed for Bitcoin mines. This Bitcoin Mine Pro will help you get some Bitcoin on your Bitcoin wallet for a few clicks, without the need to use your smartphone, directly on our Android server. Get Bitcoin Earnings For Free And Increase Your Crypto Currency Knowledge And Portfolio Daily!

Most people believe that making money in bitcoin or crypto currency is very difficult. Its real money to pay real cash from cryptocurrency or Bitcoin and get a real income from cloud mining services or Bitcoin mining. But this Bitcoin mine easily refutes this statement. This is the real Satoshi maker from BTC mine and now you are just a few clicks away from earning your first satoshi.

This BTC Mining App is a New Emerging Money App for Google Play and the Best Bitcoin Mine and Sawashi Creator Sure! The minimum withdrawal rate is really low, so you can get your first payment and first bitcoins very quickly and get a steady daily profit from crypto-currency.

This application uses satoshi as a small unit of bitcoin for mining. 1 Bitcoin equals 100 million sums. You can find a FAQ and more information about this internal application. This is the new money making app for Android. Get your BTC reward now with this BTC missile robot!

* This application has client mining client for cloud mining which is maintained by internal advertising. Mining does not take place on the user's phone.
What's new in this release:

Best Bitcoin Mine in the Google Play Store

more bitcoin earning

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What to do if you forget the password for the Facebook ID

What to do if you forget the password for the Facebook ID

Income from Pivot Apps Daily $ 2 to $ 5 Bitcoin Earining

Names of social media will come first with Facebook, though there are many other social media alternatives to Facebook. It is impossible to say that no one in the current generation uses Facebook. However, almost all of those who use Facebook have had trouble forgetting their passwords.

In the past, there were many options for recovery if you forgot your Facebook password. But currently, the password recovery options are less forgotten and the options are a little easier and a little harder.

Whether simple or difficult, I will talk today about all the methods. But first of all, it is good to say, the email or phone you opened Facebook ID with will need. So keep these in hand when recovering the ID.

 Facebook Security is now stronger than ever. To recover your password from Facebook you can only recover the password using the email and phone numbers you have used in your Facebook ID.

So first make sure you know your email password or whether your phone is with you. Because the security code will go to your phone or email.

Recovery Email Usage
Access facebook.com from your mobile or computer's Internet browser. There is a difference between the user interface with mobile or computer, there is nothing to fear.

Then click on the "forgot password" of the Facebook account. Then enter your Facebook ID user name, email or phone number.

What to do if you forget the password for the Facebook ID

  •  Now they will give you many password recovery options, from here you can select email. Because now we will recover the ID by email.
  • Now, a 5 digit code will go into your email, enter that code in the input box. 

What to do if you forget the password for the Facebook

  •  After entering the code, click on "Change Password" and enter your new password. Enter the same password in the two input boxes. And don't use your password as you think about your future security. Find out how to set a strong password on Facebook.

When you're done, log in to Facebook with this password from now on.

 Phone number usage
This method is similar to the one mentioned above. Entering Facebook and clicking on Forgot password will take you to the next page.
  • Now enter your Facebook ID user name, email or phone number in the input box.
What to do if you forget the password for the Facebook
  •  Select the phone number and see if your phone has a 5 digit code from Facebook. Now, place the code in the input box. Enter the new password and enter the password in the two input boxes.
When done, log in with Facebook ID with this new password from now on.
The last word

Write down your email and password for future security. Also enter the password of the email you provided on Facebook. This will not be a problem in the future.

But whatever note, diary or account you write in the book, you must keep it out of the reach of the public. If not, your ID can be hacked again.

20 Easy Way Make Money Online Content Writing Most Popular Earning

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How to unlock your phone if you forget your password

 How to unlock your phone if you forget your password
How to unlock your phone if you forget your password

Many passwords are used to protect phone information But most of the time, remembering passwords becomes very difficult Problems arise over the phone due to repeated incorrect password or password Technology experts often recommend using difficult passwords to protect information And that's where the problem is created Increases the likelihood of mistakes But now you can easily 'unlock' the phone even if you forget your password Let's not know the procedure -

How to unlock phone using Android Device Manager?
Open https://myaccount.google.com/find-your-phone-guide 1 from your phone or PC Then log in to the Google account linked to the phone After logging in, choose to unlock the device in the list

Select the 'Lock your phone' option and enter a new password That will replace your phone's old PIN, partition or password Now click on the Lock option Then set a new PIN or partition using the new password

One more way to unlock Royal Phone is with Android Device Manager After setting up the Google Assistant correctly, an option will come up with 'Unlock with voice' The feature will work on the previously recorded voice 1 To unlock the smartphone, say 'Ok Google' when the feature is on Your phone will be unlocked in just a moment.

Bitcoin earning

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Earn Bitcoin Using Google Chrome Browser

Earn Bitcoin Using Google Chrome Browser. Free Bitcoin Mining system.

Earn Bitcoin Using Google Chrome Browser.

Good news for those who seek to earn Bitcoin for free.

There are many free Bitcoin incomes working on various Wave sites, such as Bitcoin Earnin site that is doing more work than all the freebitco.in. You can easily make your PC a bitcoin miner using a Google extension. The web site allows you to use PC for mining, and again for free.

For this you have to:

Their Bitcoin mining extension must be added to your Google Chrome. Google Chrome Extension Link Click this link to add the Extension to your Chrome browser. Then adjust the settings as below.

1 * First Of all Click The Blue Button. To Add Extension.
 2 * Select Max for Higher Mining Depends on your Computer Performance

3 * Third is Add Your Account with Google or Facebook.

4 * Refer Your Friends To Boost Your Mining

5 * Set up for Withdrawal

Registration Link: https://getcryptotab.com


To Learn More About Bitcoin Earning Click here
Now if you have a computer now you can use Earn Bitcoin using Google Chrome Browser. If you are happy to see my post Know Your Link To Boost Your Income, Now Make Money Online From Home Its Easy. You need to share your Referral income to your friends. Start Earning. Registration Link Click To START

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Visit the website to see the huge list of social book markings

Visit the website to see the huge list of social book markings list for SEO

social book markings
social book markings


Several pressing and frequently asked questions by administrators, board members, and classroom teachers ask "How long does it take to learn English to learn a new language?" And "What types of programs help ELLs gain English faster?" In this chapter, we explore the answers to these questions, analyze the theories needed in second-language acquisition, and examine the differences between social and academic English social book markings.

As you read the statements below, decide whether they are true or false.

□ English language learners need one to three years for social language skills

□ Students do not always acquire social language in informal contexts. They may need to be taught how to properly communicate in social situations.

Although English-language learners can speak English on the playground, it does not mean that they have mastered the academic and cognitive language in the classroom.

Native teaching ELLs in their native language helps ELLs learn English.

Eanglish Parents of English language learning should be encouraged to speak their primary language at home.

□ Those who have proficient teaching skills in mother tongue can learn English quickly.

সাফল Students need more than two to three years in bilingual or ESL classes to succeed in school.
Social language and English language educators

True or false? English language learners need one to three years to master social languages ​​in the classroom.

huge list of social book markings list for SEO
Social language is the language of the playground. Researcher Jim Cummins calls this language basic interpersonal communication skills or BICS (Cummins, 1981, 1996). Newcomers use BICS to work socially in the hallways, classrooms, school buses and playgrounds. Cummins research shows that English language learners take one to three years to reach their peers' level of social language.

Social language context is embedded. For example, if a student wants to drink water, he or she can ask for speed by drinking and using the word water. Newcomers have support for BICS because they can use gestures, objects, and images to help them understand information. Early English teachers are able to perform the following tasks:

After posting a new post, these social bookmarking sites share a lot of visitors. In addition, if you have an account on these sites, a back link is available.
List of Social Bookmarking Sites

 step 1
  • connotea.org
  • reddit.com
  • citeulike.org
  • slashdot.org
  • technorati.com
  • delicious.com
  • chime.in
  • digg.com
step 2
  • newsvine.com
  • fark.com
  • diigo.com
  • nowpublic.com
  • folkd.com
  • stumbleupon.com
  • google.com/bookmarks
  • in.gr
  • blinklist.com
  • bibsonomy.org
  • popurls.com
  • librarything.com
step 3
  • tagza.com
  • jumptags.com
  • hotklix.com
  • icerocket.com
  • scoopit.co.nz
  • gather.com
  • metafilter.com
  • pusha.se
  • designfloat.com
  • segnalo.alice.it
  • disinfo.com
  • tags.library.upenn.edu
  • care2.com
  • kuro5hin.org
  • ekudos.nl
  • bizsugar.com
  • webshare.co
  • social-bookmarking.net
  • faves.com
  • sphinn.com
  • meneame.net
  • youmob.com
  • smallbusinessbrief.com
  • kwoff.com
  • dzone.com
step 4
  • superuse.org
  • designbump.com
  • newsmeback.com
  • dropjack.com
  • it.toolbox.com/blogs
  • bookmarks.oneindia.in
  • buddymarks.com
  • a1-webmarks.com
  • jeteye.com
  • ikeepbookmarks.com
  • shetoldme.com
  • netvouz.com
  • wirefan.com
  • linkagogo.com
  • fwisp.com
  • colivia.de
  • clipclip.org
  • panodigg.com
  • fizzy.com
  • diglog.com
  • swik.net
  • diggita.it
  • url.org
step 5
  • design.fr
  • de.lirio.us
  • marathikatta.com
  • dealigg.com
  • dnhour.com
  • stylid.org
  • digg.design.fr
  • pfbuzz.com
  • dictio.es
  • phigita.net
  • fcc.com
  • hobbymedia.it
  • blogengage.com
  • topix.lt
  • blogospherenews.com
  • mystickies.com
  • corank.com
  • zoomit.ca
  • web.smashits.com
  • caitax.net
  • b2blocal.net
  • babblestorm.co.uk
  • unalog.com
  • linkswarm.com
  • dotpoch.com
  • cloudytags.com
  • spletarna.net
  • worldpharmanews.net
  • medical-articles.net
  • bookmarks.excite.co.uk
  • bookmark-manager.com
  • mylinkvault.com
  • wists.com
  • myhq.com
  • sitejot.com
  • shoutwire.com
  • malaysiastory.com
  • oyax.com

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Want to learn SEO? Find out what SEO is? How to start learning SEO?

Want to learn SEO? Find out what SEO is? How to start learning SEO?


Our country is an independent and developing country. Even though we are developing this country, there is unemployment and a lack of skilled manpower, which is not even respected for our country. Wherever the world depends on technology, our country is partially in part. Freelancing online based work has taken place among the youth in almost all countries of the present world. Like many other countries, our country is in the midst of youth freelancing, where many dream to develop themselves as skilled freelancers. Not knowing the exact path on how I would establish myself as a skilled freelancer, and due to some obstacles, many are losing interest in working in this freelancing sector.
Among those youngsters or those who dream of being established in the freelancing sector, many of them are first on the list of SEO / Search Engine Optimization.
Because, the demand for SEO is huge and relatively easy to work with.

 Discussions fore SEO:

What is a search engine?
Names of some popular search engines.
How does search engine work?
What is Search Engine Result Page or SERP?
SEO and its type.
How many SEOs can be done?
Four things to keep in mind when doing SEO.
Some words commonly used to do SEO.
What does it take to learn SEO or how much distance to study?
What is the popularity or demand of SEO?
How many days will it take to learn SEO?
What are some of the benefits or aspects of SEO?
How many hours do I work daily after learning SEO?
How much money can be earned by SEO in a month?
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization that links to a web site or blog with different search engines. Again, it can be said that SEO is being marketed to all the search engines on an online based service / web site / blog.


What is a search engine?

Before knowing SEO, you must have a good idea of ​​what a search engine is about. Because it is very important to have knowledge of the search engine relevance for SEO / Flame. Search engine is a kind of on-line data stored search machine. That is, online data is stored in different types of data or information, which will provide you / the visitor with different information or services according to your / visitor's requirement.
Search engine takes only a few seconds to do this task.
Www.excite.com debuted as the first search engine.
Name some popular search engine!


How does search engine work?

The search engine works through its own software. The name of the software is Crawler.
The search engine sends its automated crawler to various web sites or blogs,
Crawlers collect the required data from a web site or blog online, submit it to their own data base or data center.
What is Search Engine Result Page or SERP?
Search Engine Result Page or SERP is when a user arrives at the search engine and searches for information related information, the search engine returns the information that the web links or displays the information that the user provides from his own data base. .
SEO and type of piercing!
One - Organic SEO or Free SEO
(It's a free rank that no search engine has to pay)
Two- Paid SEO
(Search engine has to come in search of search engine with money. As long as the money will be paid
Search engines will search your web site or blog)
According to search engine rules SEO type two
White Hat SEO - (legal method that covers some of the rules and conditions of search engine work)
Black Hat SEO - (Invalid method)
How many SEOs can be done?
The process of doing SEO is basically two
On-page SEO - On the admin panel you need to log in and work on the web site.
Off Page SEO - Off-site SEO without having to log in to the admin panel.
Four things to keep in mind when doing SEO!
Keyword Research.
Keyword Analysis.
On page SEO.
Off page SEO.

Common words are used to do SEO!


Page Rank
Meta Tag
Back Link
What does it take to learn SEO or how far to study?
1st - A laptop / computer with a rough configuration.
2- Internet connection.
Third - rough idea of ​​internet connection and web browsing.
4th- Learning Mentality / Interest.
1st - Knowing these things above and the concept of English fairly, so do you
Understand what the web site or client is saying to you.
What is the popularity or demand of SEO?
SEO's popularity or demand is huge. Currently most businesses or companies are based online. If your organization or business can come from SEO on Google search engine page 7, then your company or business will be able to easily find users / customers online. So undoubtedly the demand or popularity of SEO is very high.
How long does it take to learn SEO?
This subject depends on your talent, effort, understanding style and practice, but you will be able to master the work technique fairly within 2-3 months. However, long time practice and work will help you learn SEO better.
What are some of the benefits or aspects of SEO?
You can quickly identify your business or web site / blog online.
Create a good mentality in the minds of the users and the consumers online.
Web site / blog or business organization, many online visitors / buyers available.
Day by day, sales of business products will increase.
Users can be your future customers.
Last: Your web site / blog or business organization can have a long time in online based search engine, so your company can do business online for a long time.
How many hours do I work daily after learning SEO?
How many hours you have to work depends on your client's work. However, after working for 2 hours, the results are very good. However, it may take 3-5 hours or more, especially in the field.
How much money can be earned by SEO in a month?
The amount of money you can earn in a month depends on your work skills. Many SEO and freelancers in overseas work for $ 750-3000 monthly. However, the money is a little comparable in our country, but if the efficiency of the work will not increase the income of the book will be less. So you understand the extent of its income source.

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Top 10 Moneymaking Website You Need to Singup Free

 Top 10 Moneymaking Website banglaplan  You Need to Singup Free | The Website 

Top 10 Moneymaking Website You Need to Singup Free
Top 10 Moneymaking Website You Need to Singup Free


Many worked on external sites Even invested a lotFriends We have worked on many sites till date, but have you ever been able to connect directly to a site's admin without getting paid or not?

Don't know
Friends, I brought myself a wonderful site
You can invest in this site and make free income
** Income of Tk 5 per day by investing only $ 2
** Income of Tk 5 per day by investing only $ 5
(More packages will be downloaded when you get a contact on the site).
* You can earn 25-5 taka daily for free

Top 10 Moneymaking Website You Need to Singup Free

The task is to just click and wait for 3-5 seconds
Site link: www.banglaplan.com
Note: The site will get my phone number
And we have professional chatting groups and Facebook groups
The current payment method is Bikash, Rocket, Nogat, PayPal, Bitcoin
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short link

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Income from Pivot Apps Daily $ 2 to $ 5 Bitcoin Earining

So let's Pivot Apps see how it works? Daily $ 2 to $ 5 Bitcoin Earining

 Pivot Apps

You will be signed up for one of your Gmail accounts. You will get some pivot apps coins from Deli from here.
That means you can convert some of that power into Bitcoin Earning by converting the power you get. You can post like Facebook, if anyone reads your post or as long as you read, you will get 20 to your account. Click here… ..

You can earn 5 power-free earnings every day and unlimited income will be the same when someone else puts on your post. And you get everyone a referral. Getting 5 means a pivot apps coin bitcoin earning.

You will get 25 news by clicking here Get Read power after any news. Exchanges it to 125 + some points (Power) and converts it to Pivot apps bitcoin coins, which is about $ 3-5.
Go to this link first

See how to account.
Sign U Here….

Here is a very easy account. You will see Google's logo after clicking on the link above. Clicking there will result in your account.

How to bitcoin earn from this app: - If you login to it daily, you will get 500 Powar, and if you read the news you will get 200 Powar. Joining your referral will give you 1000 Powar. 100000 Powar = 1 $ You can receive this payment if you have 200000 Powar.

How do you increase Pivot Apps power?

After you login, you will be asked to download their app. You will download the pivot app, open the pivot app, then click on Login, then login to the unit on a regular basis.

  •   You have to post new ones.

  •   You have to read other's posts or news.

  • Refer more often.

  •   And post too many more posts will be more income because people will read the news because the power is available even if the post is available.

 More here

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